Hon'ble Shri Justice Satrughana Pujahari Hon'ble Chairperson Know More

Chairman's Message

“To deny people their human rights is to challenge their very humanity.”
 -Nelson Mandela

Humanity must never be perceived selectively. No one should be deprived of their basic rights to live with human dignity or their freedom of choice and expression ay any point of time. The Odisha Human Rights Commission resolves to abide by these basic principles of fierce protection of fundamental human rights for all round development of the people of Odisha. Our aim is to ensure timely and equitable justice to each and every litigant who knocks on our doors for justice.

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OHRC At A Glance

The Odisha Human Rights Commission was constituted on the 27th January, 2000, under the Protection of Human Rights Act, and started functioning w.e.f. 11.07.2003. The mandate of the Commission is to work for the promotion and protection of human rights by spreading awareness about them and taking cognizance of complaints of human rights violations.
The denial or impediments, whether in public/private sector, in realization of constitutional rights to life, liberty, equality, dignity and the issues related to the benefits of Government welfare schemes and policies become matters of human rights violations for which the OHRC can be approached for remedy.